Poster for
Auzielle Wine festival


I used Adobe Illustrator as well as Adobe Photoshop to create this poster for a wine festival in Auzielle, South France.


Customer : Auzielle fete committee, Auzielle - FRANCE 🇫🇷



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Something, which lasts and which inspires people to the fullest. I dreamed about a digital space, where I can not only share high quality photos and videos I took from around the world, but where I can also upload my recent graphic design projects.

I graduated from “Digital Campus in Toulouse, France” with a Bachelor’s Degree in “Multi-Media Project Management” and have then spent the past three years reading, studying and practicing everything I can that lies within the world of photography, videography and graphic design.
My studies at university as well as my own practical studies have helped me become proficient in aggregating texts, pictures, graphics and videos according to design specifications, using modern video, graphic-, image editing-, and word processing programs such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere.

After graduating from university, I had the opportunity to live in Laos for eight months.
While living there, I traveled, I laughed and I experienced life in a very practical and eye opening way: new cultures, diverse climates, different perspectives – a true revelation for me.
It soon became obvious that I have to follow my passion of becoming a “Digital Nomad” and to have a digital portfolio, on which I can help people stay inspired by all the footages and projects that let the tales and adventures I was lucky enough to witness shine through them.

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